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Got talent? Get out there

posted by Cptn

The Surreal Saloon people, Josephine Larsen and Belinda Harris-Reid – are calling on all the talented people in Devon to join in their new high-speed competition.

The first event kicks off on Saturday June 14 at the Exeter Phoenix, and these on-going monthly dos will build towards an awards night in December. It’s open to all ages and all talents.

To find out more, or to put yourself up as a guest for the Surreal Saloon live chat show, contact Josephine Larsen on or Belinda on

May 17th, 2008

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Fairway to raise funds

posted by Cptn

Take a walk on the wild side, and play golf to too, what could be better?

Devon Wildlife Trust has a few places left for their fundraising golf tournament, which takes place on Friday June 6 - and you have until Friday May 23 to get your entry in.

The tournament takes place in that wildlife haven of Dawlish Warren Golf Club, and there are all kinds of prizes up for grabs for the teams of four.

To join in the fun is just £180 per team (less than £50 each), and last year the competition raised more than £3,500 to protect Devon’s wildlife.

For more information about entering a team in this year’s event contact corporate relations 0fficer, Tracy Ebbrell on or email

May 16th, 2008

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Keep on walking

posted by Cptn

Schoolchildren walking to school

Prepare to see confused children snaking through the streets in long lines next week, it’s National Walk to School Week (from May 19). And unless those of you sans youngsters are feeling smug while you lie in, the theme is Exploring the Environment through Noise and Sound.

So get that in your lug ‘oles at 8.22am.

Schools wanting more information, including stuff on the Wizards’ Way to School, should contact the School Travel Team on or 383004 or visit the website.

May 16th, 2008

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Artists open up

posted by Cptn

Totnes and Dartington Open studios logo

We have news of the upcoming Totnes and Dartington Open Studios event.

This is Totnes and Dartington’s eighth year and there are now 23 artists (painters, illustraters, sculptors, printmakers, ceramics-ers, photographers, jewellers, basketers and textile-tosters – phew, to name but a few).

And this is your chance to mosey around the studios (they are within easy walking distance), have a gander at what they’re up to, talk to the artists and see how their artwork is produced – you never know, you might even buy something.

Maps and information are available from Totnes Tourist Information, the Mansion, the website and from many outlets in the area.

May 15th, 2008

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Lord Young – Dartington

Lord Young of Dartington

As part of South Devon’s Humanists’ series of discussions, George Black will give a talk on Lord Young of Dartington at 7.30pm on Thursday May 22 in Birdwood House in Totnes.

“Michael Young, the late Lord Young of Dartington, was an entrepreneur most famous for founding the Open University and the Consumers’ Association and their magazine Which,” George told the PRSD.


May 15th, 2008

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Rhod or Aran

posted by Cptn

The Legend of Aranrhod

The Farringdon Society of Arts has had its hand in an award winning marketing coup for self-published author Geoff Anderson.

Geoff picked up the first prize in the self-published novel marketing award for his book the Legend of Aranrhod, organised by the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust (that’s the David of David and Charles, the Newton Abbot-based book publisher that’s now part of the Reader’s Digest group).


May 15th, 2008

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Curator’s egg

What possess galleries to come up with some of their crazy ideas? Pile of bricks indeed.

Art correspondent Phil Ginsberg went to a special seminar at Plymouth Arts Centre to find out more about curators

Off to Plymouth Arts Centre for a seminar on curating contemporary art entitled “Inter_connections”. Oh, the finesse of that underscore! Organised by the web based Curatorial Network, the PAC and that part of Plymouth University which deals with digital art and calls itself i-dat, the event surprised everyone by bringing a real star of the scene to town: Ute Meta Bauer, director of the Visual Arts Program [sic] at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cue the appearance of a fair percentage of the young curatorial who’s who of the Westcountry, plus a few students from Goldsmiths for good measure. (more…)

May 14th, 2008

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Bless the meal

posted by Cptn

As regular readers will know, we always like to push the boundaries of the republic, so it gives us great pleasure to inform you about Burst, a festival of theatre, music and play at the Battersea Arts Centre.

The whole festival started on May 5 and finishes on May 24, and on May 22 there is the Blessing on the Meal and Peace upon the Earth (an interactive multimedia event by Living Structures).

The blurb says: “This interdisciplinary collaboration of sound, video, installation and performance artists engages the audience into a multimedia battlefield. The event will be a real laugh and get you the chance to pay back those fuckers for the shitty day you have had so far. Please do not wear high heels or you best clothes.”

We say: “Foodfight!” But we may be wrong (just like that time in Year 6).

And just ’cause we’re lovely, we’re offering a free t-shirt to anyone who can guess the correct Devon connection – all the Ant and Dec provisos apply (ie maybe we won’t).

(Psst, it’s collaborating artist Pete F Davies)

May 14th, 2008

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More last posts

Post Offices are important, both for communities and individuals, that they are being closed is one of those stark reminders that market forces don’t necessarily work.

The news that we’ve got from Devon County Council is: “Post Office Limited (POL) will publish their list of proposed post office closures on May 20 for a period of public consultation. It is expected that around 50 post offices are likely to be earmarked for closure across Devon, Torbay and Plymouth.


May 14th, 2008

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Healthy art

posted by Cptn

Arts and Health South West got in touch with a handy bit of info for those who want to work with children and young people in the arts and health sector.

There’s an event on May 20 for all those who want to keep up with what’s going on, discuss key issues with like minds, and of course network.

It takes place at the Peninsula Radiology Academy, Plymouth International Business Park. And it costs £35 for non members.

For more details, go to the Arts and Health South West.

May 14th, 2008

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