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The People’s Republic of South Devon is a community-based blog, or uber blog, if you prefer. It aims to be both inclusive and accessible. It tries to conform, as much as a blog can, to the AAA accessibility criteria laid down by the RNIB. There are no adverts (as yet), and the whole operation is self-funded. If you would like to contribute, then please do. We have big plans.

PRSD Readers’ Survey 2008

We need your help to make the People’s Republic of South Devon website even better. Just paste the questions below into an email and answer them in any way you choose, in as much detail as you want. All your answers will remain anonymous (note that we’re not asking for your name) and won’t be passed on to any third parties. All information will go towards making the People’s Republic a better place to be. Take the PRSD reader survey.


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