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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

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We spoke to Hussain Abdeh, superintendent pharmacist of leading online pharmacy Medicine Direct to find out which foods we should be including in our diet.

Food for a better lifestyle

1. Consume a variety of foods – To lead a healthy lifestyle; we need more than forty different nutrients. Any single food cannot provide you with all of the nutrients. Therefore, it is not about a single meal with the same food. You need to have a balanced diet as that will help you stay healthy.

2. You should have plenty of carbohydrates in your diet – At least around half the calories in our diet should be from foods that have rich carbohydrates. This includes rice, potatoes, cereals, pasta, bread etc. We advise you to consume at least one of these in all your meals. Moreover, for an increase in fibre intake, you can eat whole grain foods like wholegrain bread, cereals and pasta.

3. Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fat – Fats are essential for good health, just like protein and fibre. However, there are certain good fats, and there are bad fats. Too many fats can also lead to adverse effects on cardiovascular health and weight. The consumption of total and saturated fats should be limited, and trans fats should be avoided entirely. While buying food in a supermarket, you can read the label on the packet to get a clear picture of whether the food item contains trans fats or not. One way you can reduce the intake of fat is by steaming, boiling or baking food rather than frying it.


4. Eat fruits and vegetables every day – Fruits and vegetables are one of the most essential sources of vitamins, fibres and minerals. You should eat at least 3-4 servings of it every day.

5. Bring down your salt and sugar intake – A high intake of salt often results in high blood pressure and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is essential you choose products with less sodium content. Moreover, sugar is rich in energy and therefore, should be in enjoyed in moderation and occasionally.

6. Do not skip meals and control the portion size – Eating a variety of food regularly is extremely important and beneficial. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can often result in hunger pangs and overeating throughout the day. Moreover, if you pay attention to your portion size, you will be able to choose the calories you consume.

7. Drink lots of fluids – An adult body requires at least 2 litres of fluids every day. Water is the best source for this. Fruit juices, milk, soft drinks etc. can also be counted as healthy fluids.

8. Maintaining a healthy body weight – You can determine the right weight for yourself with you gender, age, height etc. Being overweight can significantly increase the chances of disease. Therefore it is vital to eat carefully and exercise well.

9. Start working out – Physical activity is vital for your body. It not only helps you burn off extra calories and stay in shape but also helps in maintaining your circulatory system.

10. Do not stop because of one bad day – Just because you had a few extra calories or desserts does not mean you can go back to an unhealthy lifestyle. We all make mistakes here and there, and it is not worth letting all your hard work go to waste for one mistake.

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