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What’s your number?

March 24th, 2006

We’ve all been there, trying to hold together our split plastic bags and punching in our pin number, while the checkout girl self-consciously hides her eyes with her fat little fingers.
For most people, using chip and pin is a simple and quick way of paying for their shopping - but not everyone has ‘bought into’ (ho ho) this brave new world.
Help the Aged has apparently heard tales from across our grim and unpleasant land of older people being left baffled and angry by the process.
In some cases, they’ve even been refused their Spam and custard creams because they couldn’t remember their pin number.
It appears that in the dash to ensure that everyone switches to pin numbers, many banks have under-promoted the fact that ‘traditional’ chip and signature cards can still be applied for and used in shops. Whoops.
So Help the Aged is encouraging readers of the People’s Republic who feel they need the alternative to contact their card provider and demand a chip and signature card instead.
That’s because nobody should ever have to suffer the indignity of going without Spam and custard creams simply because they cannot remember their pin number. And so say all of us.

Posted by Thin White Duke

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