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Melting Pot podcast number twentyseven
PRSD podcast

Niki gives ‘going rural’ a whole new meaning on this week’s Melting Pot on The People’s Republic of South Devon. As well as the usual tips on what’s on and where to go, this week there are tunes from The Smear and Anti Social Club, Deception and Minor Planet.

The Melting Pot podcast number twentysix

PRSD podcast

Music, music, music. Three great tunes and loadsa events. If this is what she’s like when she’s back, then Niki should go away more often… err that doesn’t sound right. Niki’s back at her best in the Melting Pot podcast with news of her new residency and great tracks from , and a new, new song from Talula.

The Melting Pot podcast number twentyfour
PRSD podcast

The countdown to the AEON festival continues. Tabloid Queen To Be Niki regails us with tales of bands and what it was like at the Exeter Respect festival, as well as priming us for the fresh weekend of fine tunes and fulfilling life experience that will be AEON, loads bands, food, art, books, beautiful venue and more, at an affordable price. It seems to good to be true, but that’s what you get with the Enchanted Forest.

This week’s tunes come from Pim Pim, Monkey Love Grove, the NEW single from and Plymouth sensation Arthur Walker.

Enjoy it, ’cause we’ll be back mid-August with more from the musical juggernaut of love.

The Melting Pot podcast number twentythree

PRSD podcast

Ohh, she gives good radio… As the Exeter Respect festival takes hold, Niki goes behind the scenes to talks to organisers Nigel Pennington and Paul Giblin, about, well, everything. But it’s not all talk - enjoy the sounds of , as well as , , Red Paper Dragon (watch them live on Melting Pot Live on SpectralWorkshopTV) and (live at the Music Mill - watch the session on Melting Pot Studio Session on SpectralWorkshopTV). You can watch all these bands, and more, at the Exeter Respect Festival - check out the . And catch some cracking bands at the AEON residency at the (of Paignton Theatre) every Friday - it’s free in for goodness sake.

The Melting Pot podcast number twentytwo

PRSD podcast

Missed Glastonbury? Don’t miss the AEON festival on August bank holiday. Book your tickets now on the AEON festival site. Till then stay ‘hep’ you beatnik throwback with the wonderful tunes and news put together by the cool, if not beret-wearing, Niki. First up this week is , followed by , , and the . And then there’s the upcoming Melting Pot Live on SpectralWorkshop TV and the at . Now, who’s your daddio?

The Melting Pot podcast number twentyone

PRSD podcast

We bring you all the best of the local music scene. Take a trip through the music industry, in this podcast Niki speaks to Dave Blomberg of Nozzle (formerly of New Model Army). Listen and learn, people.

Also featured is music from Destine.

The Melting Pot podcast number twenty

PRSD podcast

What wonderful treats your ears have in store for you when you click the logo for the download (above), or press the play button for streaming (below). Super tunes along with a what’s on listing that puts the others to shame, so you can find your perfect night out with live, kickin’ and original music. This week’s offerings are from Palm Mute, Nozzle, and the .

The Melting Pot podcast number nineteen

PRSD podcast

As we prepare for another marvellous long weekend of music - The Bit on the Side, Urban Lawns, and of course the Hot Bitches gig at the Lemon Grove (you want more listing, just ‘ave a listen) - Niki whets your appetite with , This Familiar Smile, and .

If you pop out, pop in a message about your experience, we’d lurrrve to hear it.

The Melting Pot podcast number eighteen

PRSD podcast

‘Me in stockings, what more do you want?’ asks Niki. Oh please, don’t toy with our heart strings so! A wonderfully personal podcast this week from our high-kicking Hot Bitches honey. You want a night to remember, skip along to the Lemon Grove Hot Bitches gig next Friday.

This week’s belated podcast contains tunes from KU, the Van Daniels, Chris Letcher, and Ben O’Sullivan.

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The Melting Pot podcast number seventeen

PRSD podcast

Those eagle eared of you may have noticed we missed last week, due in no small part to a hiatus - a hiatus hernia from shifting all the podcasts onto our downloads page. Check them out, not only can you find out about all the gigs you missed, you can also catch up on all the tunes we’ve played.

This week we have for you , , Hey Molly, and just to whet your appetitie before the on, live(ish) from the Music Mill, Newton Abbot (drum roll, please)… . Check it out from 8pm (BST) on Friday.

And check out our new friends, Noize Makes Enemies.

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>The Melting Pot podcast number sixteen

PRSD podcast logo
Paignton hear our plea - get some good music in your gut. First, listen to the podcast, featuring , , , and (as a preview to their spot on the on
Second, get down to the Bit On The Side (that’s next to the Palace Theatre, to you) for the Aeon Indi Nights. These tasty morsels include Nixon and the Burn, Supenik and Memo.

Well done Paignton, you have enterted the first stage of musical recovery and your gut will be happy.

(Plus - this week’s prize phrase is ’shagging chickens’. When you hear anyone say this phrase, put your hand in the air, and wait for our adjudicator to get in touch).

Listen up, Aeon Indi Nights gig is your last chance to see Paignton band Nixon and the Burn, one-time supporters of Muse. These crusaders were the first to enter into the Melting Pot melee and it’s with a heavy heart we wish them adieu.

The Melting Pot podcast number fifteen

PRSD podcast image

Party time is fast approaching, make sure you’re there. The Hot Bitch Party at the Lemon Grove, Exeter, on May 25, is set to be one helluva shindig. For the full line up and to book tickets visit the myspace.

Till then though, we’ve got plenty to keep your ears warm. This week’s podcast has super sounds from Leucosia, , and . So wrap yourself up and stay hot.

The Melting Pot podcast number fourteen

The PRSD podcast logo

On the eve of yet another milestone in the music maelstrom - Melting Pot live at the Exeter Hub, with spiffing music and stunning yarns - we have another podcast. This week featuring , and . PLUS an interview with and the low down on the best of what’s coming up this week in the Republic. This is 20 minutes of pure gold, people.

The Melting Pot podcast number thirteen

PodcastNumber 13 and the red haired bitch strikes again, the Melting Pot’s very own Niki (she’s lovely really, we were being post ironic) is out there again pushing boundaries and pushing bands. This week she gets her fiery witchsticks into , (from whom more, later), the Battling Bands banditos, (check out their video), and ahead of their showstopping show on Friday night’s’s show, . Don’t move the dial, just click the box.

The Melting Pot podcast number twelve
Podcast, donchaknoKeep in step as we shuffle along to the music of the Devon scene. Find out what tune Niki would shake a stick out to if she was angry (and you don’t want to make her angry). Here’s the clues. Is it a) Kolo with Lamb and Flag, b) Quarantine singing Vice Versa, c) with their ditty Colossus or d) or Phonemonkey and Long White Room. You have until the podcast ends to come up with your answer. You may start now.

The Melting Pot podcast number eleven

Melting pot podcastFancy going to a gig? Check out the latest on the Melting Pot accompanied by sounds from , and Device. And if you fancy staying in you don’t have to do without top-class music with Idiom on SpectralWorkshop tv.

PRSD podcast>

Watched spectralworkshop tv yet? On the podcast this week we preview Idiom, the next band on the show. Also, stepping up to the plate will be , and The Benefits. This plus the dulcet tones of Niki with the latest gigs - including what promises to be a super Sunday acoustic chill out at the Exeter Hub with David Sanders, The Quails, et al.

The Melting Pot podcast number nine
Melting Pot Podcast

Catch up with top new sounds and boy is it worth it. pines for Putney, goes singing in the rain, and Victoria Hulme makes you go weak at the knees. Plus Niki goes behind the scenes at the Plymouth Media Partnership innovation awards show, err almost. And we preview Numb’s fabulous appearance on SpectralWorkshop TV, which goes live on Friday at 8pm.

The Melting Pot podcast number eight

The People's Republic of South Devon Melting Pot podcast

Welcome all to the wonderful world of the Melting Pot podcast, featuring the , Bosshole, Atrio and .

The Melting Pot podcast number seven
Melting Pot podcast #7

Featuring Jack Woodward; the and Chunky Kustard.

The Melting Pot podcast number six
Melting Pot podcast

The Devon music scene, this week featuring , playing Silhouette, with Giant Elephant, with Broken and with Tidal.


The Melting Pot podcast number five

PRSD podcast

Getting to grips with the underbelly of the Devon music scene.

Featuring tracks from , Smith and the

Or check out the .

The Melting Pot podcast number four

The Melting Post podcast

More sounds and events from the people in South Devon>

The Melting Pot podcast number three

The Melting Pot podcast

Getting to grips with the underbelly of the Devon music scene

Melting Pot podcast number two

The Melting Pot podcast

There ain’t nothing more eloquent.

Melting Pot podcast number one

The Melting Pot podcast number one
You want the first of our podcast type things promoting music and bands, then you got it…

The Grand Ole Archive

Welcome to the Melting Pot’s Grand Ole Archive where you can partake in all the fun, frolicks and down right funkiness of these great musical events as if you were there yourself - you weren’t of course…

The Melting Pot Session: Toxic Waste Monkeys
We’re there already, the last of the current Melting Pots before the new year and the new format. And what a way to play us out. As a preview to their battling band gig in Plymouth, the cheeky sent us off with a bang. Listen in and find out more about these hot, nay virulent, young simians.

The Melting Pot Session: Fatlab
The party never stops for us at the Melting Pot live sessions, especially when it’s fuelled by such funsters as . Be prepared to move over to the dark side - while keeping that smile on your face.

The Melting Pot Session: Supenik/Civilian

Two for the price of one, don’t say we don’t give you value for money. And what value it is - big beats, strong sounds and super songs. When your trousers wobble you know the night has been a success. step up to the mic first, followed by .

The Melting Pot Session: Nixon And The Burn

Beautiful idea; beautiful venue; beautiful people; beautiful host; beautiful bands; beautiful tunes. Beautiful. Listen to Nixon And The Burn play live tracks and chat, and find out just what makes them tick. It’s the closest thing to actually being there.


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