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Political correctness gone maaaad (redux)

April 23rd, 2006

We’ve all seen the sad story about Gerard Dornan, 52, who reportedly suffered a bloody nose and, even worse, the loss of his glasses when he was attacked by some “lager ladettes” near his Northview Road abode, in Brixham last weekend.
The hapless Dornan was chinned after daring to scold the girls for their abusive antics.
“I asked them to leave the area when one of the girls grabbed me and I pushed her away,” he explained.
“Then my glasses fell off and broke and they started on me.”
“One was carrying a two litre bottle of cider,” he added.
We know what you’re thinking. What’s the bally world coming to when you can’t put these young ladies over your knee and give them a sound thrashing without losing your spectacles, eh?
Luckily, D Bailey of Newton Abbot (surely a pseudonym for Anthony Giddens) has thought about this subject at great length and posted his musings on
“Sugar and spice and all things nice. That’s what little girls are made of,” he begins.
“Sadly, although all little boys were taught courtesy and chivalry, little girls never were.
“Things became worse with yobbish behaviour among young women, encouraged by ‘girl power’ and the Spice Girls.
“With political correctness and positive discrimination in favour of women, things have gone into warp drive and these days many women are out of control, common, discourteous, rude, vulgar and violent.
“How many women drivers let cars out from a side road, let on-coming cars come up a hill, stop for a pedestrian, or show any road courtesy?
“Every day, we learn of a violent confrontation started by a woman or a fatal car accident where the woman driver was too arrogant to understand that her driving was appalling.
“Political correctness has gone mad.”
We travelled back in time to 1996 and put these allegations to a spokeswoman for the Spice Girls, who laughed in our faces and stomped on our glasses.
Proof, if proof be need be, that D Bailey of Newton Abbot is 100 per cent RIGHT.

Posted by Thin White Duke

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