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De congesting charge

November 21st, 2006

We’re all fans of congestion charging (no, we are - put your hand down, I’m getting to it), but surely (here it is) they have to be used in conjuction with an integrated transport policy (where did that idea go, eh John Prescott?).

Without effective and efficient public transport which can be used at convenient times, the proposal of Exeter City Council to impose congestion charging is just another way of raising money, cynically hidden beneath the veneer of environmentalism - and that ain’t good for anyone.

We have a largely rural population which can only be served by the car. But knowing what Exeter City Council is like these days, maybe they only want people who can pay to get on the streets on the streets, if you see what I mean. They might clutter up the new development else. . . Heaven help you if you’re not shrink-wrapped and sparkly - but more on the council’s attitude to the farmers’ market at a later date.

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  • 1. Freddie  |  November 21st, 2006 at 5:15 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. I live in Ashburton and have to use to my car to get into work because Stagecoach hath decreed that the last bus from Exeter to Ashburton is the devilishly late hour of 6.40pm. Unfortunately the nature of my work does not allow me to always finish by this time, thus renedering the service as good as useless. Woe betide anyone who works within a hospital environment, they haven’t got a chance in hell of using the buses.

    It surpises me sometimes that anyone ever uses this particular route, as the buses are infrequent, slow and generally the timetable is incompatable with most peoples daily routine. We used to have a train station in Ashburton until some bright governmental spark decided it was no longer cost effective. If we could to take to the tracks once again it would alleviate many traffic realted problems. So much so that the council would be begging us to use use our cars once more so that they can raise money from their carparks that would have become disused and overgrown due to lack of activity.

    I believe that the council are looking at congestion charges because they need to fund their year long, largely substandard succession of festivals. Ticket for The Worzels anyone?

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