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Every loser wins

March 2nd, 2007

Shucks guys, the Melting Pot Sessions - the musical collaboration between The People’s Republic of South Devon, AEON and some other third thing - was just pipped to the post by the incredibly exciting to win the Plymouth Media Partnership Innovation award for best community website - and they are quite cool, so they had us beat hands down.

But are we downhearted? Heck no! For one thing we’ve come across the and plan at least one feature (hey, let’s not go crazy) on those bringing musical involvement to the masses. Every loser wins, people.

But talking of real winners… those funk meisters at the Phoenix media centre got a special thanks from Pangaea rising star and best newcomer Yelena Grigorenko as well as having their bursary award winning film The Crinoline and the Rose by Emma Kempton picking up the best film gong.

Comiserations to our special friends at BlindDitch, who somehow found their Vanland shoestring-budgeted filmmaking-workshop caravan-showing carnival-visiting youth-oriented (epic) project losing to a rather commercial venture. But dem’s da breaks.

If anything the whole event showed the wealth and diversity of talent that is contained within the region - well done Plymouth Media Partnership (if we keep this up, we’ll have the trophy in the bag next year).

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