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March 14th, 2007

As readers of the People’s Republic probably know, today would’ve been Albert Einstein’s 128th birthday - which is all very well but we bet the grumpy old bugger doesn’t turn up to blow out the candles.

Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, today is also the launch of the first ever Maths Whizz Day, a beezer new initiative aiming to put the fun back into maths.

Hang on a second. ‘Put the fun back’? We’re not even sure it was there in the first place. And quite why the event would want to ally itself with an irrascible old coot like Einstein is a mystery.

Where are all the sexy mathematicians these days, like, erm… Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind? Throwing tables outta windows is pretty cool, ain’t it?

Either way, find out how to get involved by visiting the Maths Whizz website.

Alternatively, you could just teach your kids to write ‘boobless’ on their calculators.

Posted by Thin White Duke

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