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Age issue

June 28th, 2007

Anyone who’s entering a new job in their mid-50s (stand up Señor Brown) has probably spent a bit of time pondering their age. Age Concern, has pondered a little more and produced five priorities for the new Prime Minister to attain before his early and forced retirement (next election).

The old are worse off than they were in Thatcher’s time, said Alice Thompson in The Telegraph the other day. A fifth of pensioners were recently reported to be living in poverty, while most are seeing a growing share of their incomes disappear in council tax.

In the face of all that Age Concern’s priorities are: 1) Pledge to fundamentally reform the social care system; 2) Scrap mandatory retirement ages; 3) Re-link the state pension to average earnings - now, not in 2012; 4) Ensure the dignity of older people is at the centre of the health service; 5) Tackle low skills levels among older workers and encourage life-long learning.

Hmm, now that last one might be of use to someone who’s probably going to have to retrain quite soon, ehh Gordon?

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