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For you drama types

September 27th, 2007

We’ve been asked to highlight some of the great opportunities for all you drama types out there, so if you’re into performing arts and are a theatre maker or practitioner, read more below the line, fill in the details and get involved. You’ve only got yourself to blame.

The P2P workshop programme is a series of skill development workshops delivered by practitioners for practitioners. Delivered by Exeter’s ScriptunScript and Dartington’s Creative Enterprise, P2P has three main aims:

1. To invest in the south west’s performance artists by creating paid opportunities to disseminate practice.

2. To deliver a range of skill development workshops that offer great value for money.

3. To create a workshop network that supports career development and promotes collaboration.

P2P is in its second phase of development. Please find below a brief questionnaire that will help to shape the P2P workshops. I’d be grateful if you could fill in this in and return it to us so that we can better understand what you need from the programme.

If you have any questions about P2P or would like to submit a proposal, please contact Madeleine on .


Madeleine Vose
Artistic Director
ScriptunScript / Theatre Upstairs.
Cat Radford
Creative Enterprise Advisor
Dartington Creative Enterprise
Dartington College of Arts
t. +44 [0]1803 861783
f. +44 [0]1803 861685
1. Please give a brief description of your area of theatre or performance practice:
2. What stage in your career do you consider yourself to be? (please choose one only)
Student/training Emerging Established.
• 3. Are you interested in P2P as
A participant A facilitator
4. Which of the following areas would you like to see explored?
Planning/Delivering workshops Cross collaborations Directing
Voicework Applied drama Drama therapy Devising
Women in Theatre Movement/dance Comedy Mask work
Other: (Please specify)_________________________________________

5. As a participant, which of the following brackets represents good value for a one day workshop in an area of interest to you?
£5 - £15 £16 - £25 £26 - £35 £36 - £45
6. If you are a facilitator, what would you normally charge for a one day workshop?

7. The workshops are planned to take place between mid October and early December. As a participant, would you prefer to attend on
a weekday or a weekend?
As a facilitator, would you prefer to work on

a weekday or a weekend?
Thank you for your help. We will be contacting you again soon with more details of the P2P programme. Please add your details below and email your responses to :

Postal Address:
dca’s mission is to be at the centre of education, research and development in contemporary performance arts and provide opportunities for creative contributions in a changing world.
We provide teaching, research and reach out to business and the community in the fields of arts & cultural management, choreography, music, theatre, visual performance and writing.

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