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Silver service

Calling all silver surfers in the People’s Republic.

Perhaps inspired by the likes of Chris Moyles (uck!), Help The Aged is getting ready to broadcast its first-ever podcast.

Available this week, the free audio file will explore the charity’s Age Equality campaign and take a timely look at winter deaths (we’re not making this up).

There’ll also be loads of expert advice from Help The Aged staff coupled with the real-life experiences of older people.

The podcast is available from the Campaigns and Issues section on the website.
But let’s be honest - you’ll need cheering up after all that winter death stuff. So we recommend you have a listen to our rather lovely Daniel Rachel download. And buy a blanket.

Posted by Thin White Duke

September 30th, 2006

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Remains of the day

Diana Matar’s apparently thought-provoking Leave to Remain exhibition is coming to Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery tomorrow until November 11.

Matar, whose photographic social commentary has covered Veiled Women in Cairo and a meat market in Cairo (not the kind you get down the [insert nightclub name here], but camel meat) travelled the country photographing and getting the testimony of those who fled repression/persecution just to be here.

Go along have a look and cancel your subscription to the Daily Mail, et al.

Picture copyright Diana Matar

Posted by Cptn

September 29th, 2006

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Friday, I’m in love

Plymouth’s Last Friday event returns tomorrow (if you see what we mean) in a brand-spanking new venue.

For some five years the social networking shindig has been held at Barbican Theatre’s B-Bar. But its time for a change and its new home will be at the lovely Arts Centre in Looe Street.

Running from 6pm to 11pm, creative types can have a bit of a natter while enjoying Cuban mojitos, Plymouth Gin, Thai beer, fresh fruit juice, coffee and tea. How impossibly glamorous.

And to top things off, the chuffing Lord Mayor will be on hand to cut the metaphorical ribbon and officially open the new-look thingy.

Email or check out to find out more.

Posted by Thin White Duke

September 28th, 2006

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Vroom service

Here’s something you probably won’t find Jeremy Clarkson endorsing.

No, not 300mph rocket-powered deathtraps - we’re talking about the Green Car Guide.

Launched this month, it’s the UK’s first-ever website designed to help motorists make an informed choice about environmentally-friendly cars.

Boneheaded drivers are famously flummoxed by stuff like carbon emissions, hybrids, biofuels and high petrol prices.

That’s why Green Car Guide provides all the latest bumf about energy-efficient cars and a wealth of resources to help confused buyers become more eco-friendly. Which is good, isn’t it?

So start your (search) engines and drive over to

Posted by Thin White Duke

September 28th, 2006

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eco - you heard it first here

What’s all this eco stuff I keep hearing about?

Well, it’s the Exeter Contemporary Open run by the Exeter Phoenix, which called for contemporary artists of any form to submit work to the gallery just for the heck of it plus cash (and to be included in the proto-annual exhibtion).

What’s that to me?

Because art offers a thermometer, barometer and sometimes Geiger-Muller counter to the health of society.

Is there anyone from Devon involved?

Well, funny you should ask. Matt Rodda, Ione Rucquoi and Tim Steer are the Devon-based artists involved in the hoopla which is settled tonight. At least one of them will come away with at least one prize (there’s one for a Devon-based artist).

The show runs til November 2.

Posted by Cptn

September 27th, 2006

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Jobs watch

Work from home and fight human trafficking by selling Hatti fair trade handbags, what could be better? Or spread the environmental word as a schools project officer for Global Action Plan. Even ensure equality as an equality development officer in Taunton. All these and more on the jobs page, which is filled with ethical jobs, from well, ethical
Posted by Cptn

September 26th, 2006

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Saga continues…

We’ve been reading Saga Magazine recently (yes, really!) and have been struck by the support for the rag’s Petition for Pensions Justice campaign.

The magazine received a huge response to a feature about the 100,000 savers whose pension schemes went into liquidation.

It appears Saga readers are pretty annoyed the Government is refusing to accept responsibility, despite recommendations from both the Ombudsman and the Commons Public Administration Committee.

Those who’ve lost out are telling stories of their plight - like the poor duffer diagnosed with prostate cancer who has been forced to take a job stacking shelves.

Luckily, Pensions Reform Minister James Purnell is a real bleeding heart. He admits in this week’s Saga magazine that the failure of such schemes is “a real personal tragedy for those involved,” but adds: “The argument that we should be paying full compensation has not been made.”

Quite rightly, Saga sees Labour’s annual conference as a major opportunity to drive pensions justice up the political agenda.

That’s why they’ll be supporting the Pensions Action Group demonstration on Wednesday, with a march on Manchester’s GMEX Centre where the conference is held.

Citizens (and indeed senior citizens) of the People’s Republic can register their righteous ire on the Saga website.

Posted by Thin White Duke

September 25th, 2006

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Hot air

As we prepare to (possibly) yawn the new era of a change of leadership in the ruling party into existence, we were wondering just how engaged we all are in politics. How much say do we have? How many of you know your councillors - parish, town, county/municiple/metropolitan? How many were elected? What does your MP do for you? NHS? War? Employment? Housing?

National parties representation in South Devon is already gearing up for the changes in the constituency boundaries, but is this more hot air, or are these power crazed loons people really going to do something for the community?

Let us know your experiences - we’ll keep you up to date as the general election approaches.
Posted by Cptn

September 24th, 2006

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Wham, BAM, thank you

Getting as many people as possible involved in art is great, and the Big Arts Festival in Plymouth is already raising the stakes on last year’s Art for Inclusion. Taking place in February, the Big Arts Festival is ready for even more people from education, arts and community sectors to get in touch. So get your Big Arts out there!

Contact the Devon County arts officer or Marjons for more details.

Posted by Cptn

September 23rd, 2006

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Box clever

Please spare a thought for the Republic’s poor naive students…

Apparently all the empty boxes they’ve been chucking away recently (TV, DVD, laptop, gold-plated motorcyle, etc) are tipping off scoundrels looking for places to ransack.

According to, undergraduates are particularly vulnerable, with most insurance claims (a hefty 55 per cent) occuring during the first month of term.

In fact, a third of students who suffered a burglary last year believed that branded boxes discarded outside their hovel led to the break-in.

Pah, what idiots! And why aren’t they recycling those boxes, eh? Sounds like they should spend a few years at the university of life, like wot we did.

Posted by Thin White Duke

September 22nd, 2006

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