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Oh Niki, you’re so fine…

Hullo viewers. We got back from lunch to find this lovely message hanging around our inbox.

It’s from Aeon Festival organiser and all-round top bird Niki and this is what it says:

Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback… it means a huge amount to hear it.

Totally wicked write up, guys. You made it sound like I knew exactly what I was doing when in fact it was winging it from start to finish!!

A total of over 56 hours with no sleep, a stone lighter and chain smoking like a goodun, but the feedback from you guys has made it all worth it!

Can I pay you in tea and cakes next year to help promote us?!

Here is a pic of David Sanders… Will send more later as I know can’t find the CD of images (winging it!).

Niki xx

PS Can I swap you a PRSD t-shirt for an Aeon one? Mine’s a small one please!!!

Sure thing, Niki - tea and cakes sound excellent. Oh, and make our Aeon t-shirt a large!

As for the rest of yous - stay tuned to the PRSD for more ace Aeon pictures, coming soon (ish).

Posted by Thin White Duke.

August 31st, 2006

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Never a wicker goes by

Britt Ekland running around the Haldon Forest in the nod! Calm down Stan Collymore, this aint that sorta site! Those people at the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Naturalist (schucks) World are up to some high jinks again, they’re showing the original Wickerman (Edward Woodward not Nick Cage) on Saturday at 7.30pm, with live musical accompaniment from The Memory Band.

And if that isn’t enough to get you animated (watch for the connection), also on show will be a selection from the animate! (there it is!) project including the award-winning Rabbit and two works from Devon filmmaker Kayla Parker. This is more than your usual animation (according to the blurb at least).

This is a 15+ event, so stragglers from the family art day (yes, there’s one of them going on too) are advised to sling their hook before kick-off. Booking is essential and the price is £8/£6 for concessions. For more info or to book call or email . But whatever you do, don’t flash your headlights, and if you’ve got one, keep the dog close and on a lead - Stan, you know what I mean.

Posted by Cptn

Sundog Media said: Thank you for this. We’re v. pleased that our films are getting a screening close to where they were made, and are looking forward to Saturday night - should be a weird and wild experience in the forest…

16mm 1992 9min 40sec colour stereo sound

A bewitching celebration of menstruation which uses a variety of animation techniques from pixillation to stop-motion of poison berries, pumpkins, fire and smoke; in some sequences the images have been manipulated by engraving and over-printing. An antidote to the vacuous sanitized view of menstruation largely promoted by advertising.

Director/animator/editor: Kayla Parker
Camera: Stuart Moore
Dubbing: Paul Roberts
Performer: Nakinda Parker
Funded by an Arts Council/Channel Four Animate! Award Copyright (c) Kayla Parker/Sundog Media 1992

35mm 1996 Dolby stereo 3min 30sec colour stereo sound

A dazzling expression of the visual music revealed by 365 setting suns, observed across southern Britain from Norfolk in the east to Land’s End in the far south west during a 12 month period. Over four and a half thousand time-lapse drawings were painted directly onto a continuous strip of 35mm leader using a variety of materials, such as lacquer, hair, bleach, net stocking and magnolia petals, to create this day-by- day animated diary of a year’s sunsets - including those obscured by clouds.

Director/animator: Kayla Parker
Sound: Stuart Moore
Dubbing: Paul Roberts
Funded by an Arts Council of England/Channel Four Animate! Award Copyright (c) Kayla Parker/Sundog Media 1996

August 31st, 2006

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Fest class

How often do you come away from a local festival loaded down with CDs by people you’ve never heard of? Pretty much never, we’d wager - but that’s exactly what happened to PRSD at the over the weekend.

Held at Ullacombe Organic Farm near Haytor on Dartmoor, Aeon boasted a host of top musical turns as well as some really tasty organic food and clean toilets - staggering work for a two-day local fest, we’re sure you’d agree.

So who were the aforementioned ‘top turns’? These were the aforementioned
‘top turns’.

First up, we caught a dose of Top Shop power pop from the , whose ramshackle girl-group charms won us over instantly. The fab tunes conjured memories of Kenickie but the combo’s air of gimlet-eyed ambition was more reminiscent of The Faders. In fact, they even had a song called Give Us A Show On T4, Mr Producer (not strictly true). Nevertheless, we loudly proclaimed them our favourite band ever, until common sense kicked in and we skulked quietly from
the barn.

Next, we happened across , who definitely had a touch of Buckley-the-younger about him, but there may’ve been some Robert Smith and Morrissey in there too. There’s not much more to say about the excellent singer/songwriter, other than if he’s not a massive star in two years time, we’ll eat our People’s Republic t-shirt.

We also found time for a chat with and her band before their show.
Evi (pronounced ‘Evie’, fact fans) admitted she was nervous about playing and ‘absolutely bricking it’. Turns out she needn’t have worried. Her voice is simply astounding, soaring above the tumbling drums and chiming guitars. Despite Evi warning us to expect goth music, it was actually more reminiscent of the shoegazing likes of Slowdive et al. Top stuff and well worth a listen.

We were also wildly enthusiastic about Caballero, whose two-man, dumb-ass riffola machine ended our Saturday night very nicely indeed. Mrs PRSD wasn’t quite so enamoured but by then she more interested in ‘hanging out’ with Evi Vine’s band. What a roggen roll lifestyle we lead, eh viewers?

On Sunday, we woke early to enjoy acoustic sets from , (pronounced ‘Rachel’, doncha know, ) and the divine Ms Vine, who looked rather the worse for wear. David Sanders was also back to justify our musical love. The 4-Star Lovers, however, were nowhere to be seen. Blub!

We hung around a bit longer to sup tea and catch the 80s stylings of the , and Hendrix-wannabes Cat In The Hat (we know - awful band names) but were not entirely won over. They were, however, the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Before we left, we caught up with unflappable Aeon organiser Niki who admitted she hadn’t slept for two days and assured the PRSD that Aeon would be back next year, ‘bigger and better’ with more acts and a dance tent.

Hey, what more can we say, other than we had a most excellent time. So much so, we haven’t slagged any bands off in this review. Wonders, as your mum used to say, will never cease.

Oh, and we wanna hear from yous lot. If you went along to Aeon at the weekend, why not leave a comment and let us know what you thought? We’d be interested to hear your views. Yes, really!

Posted by Thin White Duke

August 30th, 2006


Febrile Fitz # 7

Hullo, and welcome to another look at the crazy world of David ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald – the TSW philosopher turned Evening Herald scribe.

This week’s effort is pretty dull (wot no Ratboy?) but still a good column for fans of Rainman-like diatribes against political correctness gone maaaaaaad. Insania!


ONE BUNNYHOP: “I have only just got my mind round the fact that children under 11 years are going to have to have booster seats in cars. It’s going to cramp the style of some 11 year olds I know, especially in Liverpool. I wonder if Early Learning are going to bring in junior joy rider models?”
TWO BUNNYHOPS: “These Post Office changes are confusing and what really worries me is their position on mail order brides. Are they now classified as packets or parcels? If you have ordered a particularly chunky one, will you have to pay more in postage?”

Oh, Fitz, you are a one, but you really must try harder!
Bye children.
Posted by Thin White Duke

August 29th, 2006

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Course you do

What, you run a voluntary or community group in the South Hams or Teignbridge and you don’t know of the courses on offer? Shame on you. The first one is on September 14, Turning press releases into news.

Well, us here at the People’s Republic can tell you a thing or two about that. You take 30 t-shirts . . .

For more details of these courses get in touch with the Teignbridge or South Hams CVS.

Posted by Cptn

August 28th, 2006

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Totally bogus

The British Heart Foundation is warning citizens of the People’s Republic about the perils of bogus charity collectors (and they don’t mean ‘bogus’ in the Bill and Ted sense).

Apparently, there have been many incidences of BHF donations being nicked from outside homes, so if you’re in any doubt, ask to see the van driver’s official BHF identification badge.

BHF shops rely on donations, so you should be vigilant when leaving goods on your doorsteps. Or, if you’re not in a Miss Marple kinda mood, drop any donated items into a BHF shop or call 0870 120 4141 to arrange a convenient time for collection.

Although there are many ways to dispose of your unwanted stuff, donating it to the BHF will help the charity continue its fight against heart disease, which remains (dum-dum-daaaah!) the nation’s biggest killer.

Posted by Thin White Duke

August 27th, 2006

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Age old story

Citizens who are over 50 start celebrating, the government is throwing £10 million your way! No, you ain’t won the lottery, it’s part of a national scheme to produce one-stop shops to tackle social exclusion, because that’s what the socially excluded want - one-stop shops.

Devon is part of the £10 million nationwide pilot scheme to address issues of social exclusion of those half-a-century or more. Easy atmosphere, friendly faces and unimposing and inviting environment with all the benefits explained under one roof. Ok, maybe the scheme isn’t as wacky as it first seemed. Especially when combined with outreach activity. Let’s hope that it works.

In the meantime, let’s all be a bit more aware of our elderly neighbours and relatives. As harvest festival fast approaches we should remember that the aged community is worth more than that dented tin of pineapple you never got round to eating.

Posted by Cptn

August 26th, 2006

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Dig for victory

There’s a great story in Plymouth’s Evening Herald today (we know! Step back in amazement!).

Apparently, a grotty public space in Stoke has been transformed into a thriving flowerbed overnight thanks to the nocturnal efforts of a green army (and we’re not talking about Plymouth Argyle).

According to the Herald, around 15 ‘Guerrilla Gardeners’ have planted species including Japanese anemones, sage, lavender, berberis, bamboo and evening primrose to spruce up the neglected green space.

An idea from America, Guerrilla Gardening aims to spruce up public areas, striking at night, with the gardeners contributing to the cost of the revamp.
They claim they’re not making any kinda statement but we reckon their actions are about as political as it gets.

See for more stuff.

Posted by Thin White Duke

August 25th, 2006

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No such thing

Free refreshments have got to be a good thing especially when you’re surrounded by people prepared to give you money.

As part of the Dartmoor Project (with financial assistance, of course, from the Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund and Leader+) Teignbridge CVS (community volunteer service) has organised a Meet the Funders afternoon at Liverton Village Hall on October 3, 2pm-6pm.

So, if you are a voluntary group (or organisation) within Teignbridge and the southern areas of Dartmoor, eat, drink and be merry, because that might be all you see of any money.

Posted by Cptn

August 25th, 2006

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Drink to health

The bods behind ethical bottled water brand, One Water, have launched a competition to give two lucky, erm, drinkers the chance to win a trip to Africa.

In case you don’t know, One Water donates 100 per cent of its profits to funding roundabout-powered water pumps in Africa through the Not for Profit NGO PlayPumps International (hey, that’s easy for you to say!).

The winners will travel with an installation team to an African village where they’ll help rig up a PlayPump system and see firsthand how the system improves the villagers’ lot. Make no mistake, this won’t just be a glamorous week away but one of those life-changing experience type thingies.

The promotion will be running on one million bottles until the end of September and will be operated on a text-to-win basis through their website.
Posted by Thin White Duke

August 24th, 2006

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