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Arthouse roundup: Oct 13-19

October 12th, 2006

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A Scanner Darkly (15) An animated Keanu Reeves (hey, there’s a first time for everything) gets, like, totally bummed out in this excellent screen version of Philip K. Dick’s paranoid wheeze. Uh, dude.
This Film Is Not Yet Rated (not yet rated - like we said) Blistering violence is good, glistening schlongs are bad. Director Kirby Dick (prrrft - Dick!) waggles his finger at the Motion Picture Association of America’s dodgy ratings board and tsks loudly.


Miami Vice (15) Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx clean up the mean streets of - surprise! - Miami with just mullets, ‘taches and Anamorphic seascapes to help them out.


Alpha Male (15) Nothing to do with dodgy weekends learning about Jesus, this is actually a British melodrama (ooh, that makes a change) starring our current favourite actor Danny Huston.
Taxi Driver (18) We thought a real rain had come this week, complete with thunder and lightning, but unfortunately our street is still fulla absolute scum. Pah!
The Passenger (PG) Starring Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows, this is a little-seen gem from genius director (or at least he used to be - don’t get us started) Michelangelo ‘Call Me Mike’ Antonioni.


History Boys (15) Teacher encourages lads to ditch full-time education and have lots of gay sex. Daily Mail-reading audience applaud raptuously. It’s not gonna be completely new material every week, y’know.
The Queen (12A) Helen Mirren manages to keep her clothes on, you say? Give the lady a Bafta! Told you.
Secret Policeman’s Ball (18) Amnesty’s legendary event is back, with turns from Eddie Izzard, Mighty Boosh and, um, Chevy Chase. Thought Amnesty were sposed to be against torture. Snort!
Capote (15) You know what? I’m the hero! Phillip Seymour Hoffman ponces around like a gay Droopy and wins an Oscar for his trouble. Go figure.

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