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Doctor away day

October 16th, 2006

Cockington’s 14th annual Apple Day was a popular event. The local food producers turned out in full force to fill a marquee with tempting samples and cover the morris dancers with delicious-smelling smoke, and the good turnout ensured that there were healthy queues for all the organic offerings. Loads of happy children ran around making their own jewellery, badges and clay figures, and there was bread-making, juggling, orchard walks, mud sculpting and more. The highlight of the show was the apple room with its 200 varieties on show.

And, also, there was cider. Overheard on this fine afternoon in scenic Cockington (Play this music for atmosphere as you read).

“Go on, son, stick your head in the water and grab an apple with your teeth. Just don’t think about all the other people who’ve had their open mouths in that water…”

“There aren’t many apples here - it’s mostly sausages.” (Try the apple room, you misguided sausage-lover!)

“The apple room’s great!” (Phew!)

“Put your cider down, love, you’ll need two hands for the jewellery making.” “Look, Mum, a sheep!”

“The morris dancers are disappearing behind the smoke! Mmm, smells nice though. Fancy a sausage?”

“I love these sausages.”

“There’s only one bus for the Occombe Park & Ride. Last year no-one used it, this year everyone wants to use it. What’s going on? Could sites like the People’s Republic of South Devon be responsible for raising the public conscience and making everyone turn to more responsible and ecological methods of transportation to excellent local events?”

Guess which of the above quotes has been doctored, and win a locally grown apple.

Posted by Edgy

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