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Arthouse roundup: Nov 10-16

November 10th, 2006

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History Boys (15) Teacher encourages lads to ditch full-time education and have lots of gay sex. Be warned though - by following that course of action you’ll inevitably end up working at Torchwood.
Unconscious (15) Charming period comedy from Joaquin Oristrell. Hey, Joaquin, there’s nuffin funny about periods, y’know. Bleugh!


The Wind That Shakes The Barley (15) Achingly worthy (ie, dull as fuck) drama about ‘der troubles’. Stars the kinda funny lookin’ Cillian Murphy. To be sure, to be sure, etc.


An Inconvenient Truth (U) If you’re after an ‘inconvenient truth’, why not check out Clinton and Gore’s environmental record. People in gas greenhouses shouldn’t throw stones. Hey Rory Bremner, you can have that one for free!
The Black Dahlia (15) Disturbing stuff from director Brian De Palma - yes, his
cack-handed homages to Hitchcock really do turn the stomach. Bleugh!
The Unknown Mountains Of Nepal (U) At least, they were unknown…


Breaking And Entering (15) Jude Law indulges in a spot of ‘breaking and entering’ (getting his end away - Film Studies Ed) in the Big Smoke.
Oooh, quelle edgy.
Marie Antoinette (12A) Everyone remembers Marie Antoinette’s catchphrase “let them eat cake”, but we prefer her lesser known bon mot “you can shove that guillotine up your ass”.
Red Road (18) Director Andrea Arnold’s newie was hugely acclaimed in Cannes, almost eclipsing her fantastic work in the Saturday morning kids’ show No 73.
Wot no Sandwich Quiz
La Haine (15) Gritty (shot in black and white - Film Studies Ed) French teen drama. Listen up, folks -this is, like, important, oui? Bon.
Hidden (Cache) (15) Absurdly overhyped flick from director Michael Haneke.
That makes a change, don’t it?
The Constant Gardener (15) Yet another overhyped movie, which is simply ‘quite good’, rather than ‘life changing’.

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