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Rated on recycling

January 4th, 2007

Recycling in Devon is on the up, apparently. The county is now one of the top three in the country at this whole avoidance of landfill thing (yeah, well, I’ve got a feeling this post is going to say ‘recycling’ alot).

Recycling rates are around the 45 per cent (which is good), but the council is urging people to recycle their Christmas trees, recycle their Christmas cards and recycle their hopes for the new year (see what I mean).

All this would, of course, be made easier if some of the packaging that goes with all those given goodies was reduced - and what do you do with tape-encrusted wrapping paper?

So keep up the good work people, at this rate we should be hitting 60 per cent by Easter. If you need any encouragement, visit the Don’t let Devon go to waste site, the initiative which is leading this push for Devon recycling.

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