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Melting Pot: Plus #3

January 6th, 2007

WHO ARE: Dan Steer (vocals, guitar), John Foulkes (guitar), Sam Banks (bass), Chris Prentice (drums) and Max Armstrong (lead guitar)
THEY SAY: “We first got together when Dan was spending time with other local bands on the way to success (Hey Molly, Red Paper Dragon) and decided to form his own band. So one drunken night down the pub, a few phone calls later, The Quails were formed…”
WE SAY: Fantastic guitar riffs and solid drumming give this indie band an energetic but raw rock’n'roll sound. It all goes a bit Razorlight in places but that’s never a bad thing. With great songwriting and brilliant vocals these guys already sound like stars.
RANDOM LYRIC: “You don’t control me, no, I don’t care what you say”
NEED TO KNOW: They only formed in March last year but already have the
tight sound of a far more established band. Their next gig is tonight at The Lansdown, Dawlish.

Posted by Niki Portus

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