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William Rodriguez interview: Pt 2

February 11th, 2007

It was the 9/11 Commission Report, released on July 22, 2004, that made last man alive out of the World Trade Center and truth campaigner William Rodriguez determined to challenge the official story.

He says up until that point he believed the US government would provide answers to his, and other witnesses’, questions. William’s testimony to the Commission, which was heard behind closed doors, was not included in the report.

“I realised they used our tragedy to further a power grab against the population,” he said. “Right now the president of the US has more powers than any other president in American history. We have seen that 9/11 has been a catalyst for political change worldwide; a catalyst for the war on terrorism.

“I have a platform to make a change and to make history in the way that I can change positively the minds of so many communities around the world.

“The message I bring is to wake up, don’t lose the freedoms we have left and to question what we are told. We want to open an international investigation into what happened on 9/11.”

He continued: “I’m not an expert in explosives or in weapons, but I’m an eye witness; a person who was there. My testimony will be used to prosecute people.

“If the truth of 9/11 is told, their whole story and the foundation of the war on terrorism will fall into pieces. The whole concept of what they are selling us will crumble.”

He said that he is only able to continue his mission due the support of victims’ families.

“I’m living history; one of the last connections many victims’ families have with their relatives’ last moments,” he said. “I hate to say it but families have told me that so many times. I owe it to them. God has given me this opportunity and I need to be out there fighting for people.”

Willliam added that this tour is his “biggest push” and could be one of his last. He found out last week, before he travelled to England, that his wife Elizabeth is pregnant with their first child. The baby is due on September 11.

He has already given talks in Exeter and Totnes on February 3 and 4 and will be at the University of Plymouth student union on February 18 from 7.30pm. Tickets are on the door only and cost £5.

For further information log on to last-man-out or 911truthcampaign or loosechange911

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