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The Environmental Truth, part 2

February 21st, 2007

So you’re sitting out there wanting to be a bit more environmentally savvy, and not knowing how to go about it? Well, the People’s Republic of South Devon in conjunction with those wise old heads at Bovey Climate Action are bringing you the real environmental answers. Today, it’s part 2 of the solar panel conundrum.


‘This seems to be the real success story! These panels do not generate electricity - they are designed to trap and collect heat in special glass tubes. The heat is then used to provide domestic hot water.

The big win here is that the modern solar collector tubes seem to work (a bit) even on, cold, dull cloudy days - and if they help raise the water temperature by one degree, it’s “free” and means you are burning less gas or electricity to heat your domestic hot water.

Most people report that their solar heating panels provide plenty of hot water right through most of the year. Just about everyone I know with solar heating panels report savings on their gas and electricity bills and felt it was a worthwhile investment.’

So sayeth Bovey Climate Action, and so sayeth us at the People’s Republic of South Devon - the only difference is our mouths are open and we’re just nodding.

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