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Bad sports

February 24th, 2007

A funding crisis for charities and other groups in the People’s Republic is predicted if the National Lottery’s funds for good causes are ‘raided’ to meet any overspend on the 2012 Olympics.

The lovely chaps at South West Forum, who big-up the region’s voluntary and community groups, estimate that the South West could lose over £20 million if more lottery cash is diverted to help fund the Olympics.

The Forum says: “Lottery funding has been crucial to the survival of many groups in the South West and any reduction in funds could be disastrous.

“Already lottery programmes are massively over-subscribed. For some programmes groups have just a one in eight chance of being successful.

“Funding has already been reduced because of changes in European programmes and many local authorities and health trusts are cutting back.

“Less lottery money will exacerbate an already very difficult situation.”

Which is why the South West Forum is urging concerned citizens to sign an
e-petition on the Downing Street website and to hassle their MP to sign an early day motion (no 695) on the subject.

As the lottery is already gonna contribute some £1.5billion to the Olympics, it’d be nice if the Government didn’t dip into the region’s much needed lottery dosh. Besides, everyone knows that sport is boring as hell, eh viewers?

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