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Money in the Banksy

February 12th, 2007

A blimmin massive Banksy mural is up for sale at Kingsbridge’s lovely Red Propeller gallery - and it’s so valuable, the bally thing’s worth more than the building it’s painted on!

There’s also good news for fans of a bargain - buy the mural and you get the five-bedroomed house absolutely free. A snip!

Previous attempts to sell the property in Bristol, which boasts the 25 foot by five foot art along the side of it, have been messed up by potential purchasers wrongheadedly insisting that the daubings be removed prior to completion of the sale. Doh!

However, the house owners have fought off several attempts to have the graffiti removed in the past and are clearly not ready to get out the white paint just yet.

So, in order to ensure the survival of this mural, they’ve decided to sell the art work and throw in the house for absolutely naught pence. The sale of the work will raise cash to set up a street-art gallery in an adjoining derelict print works.

The art is being sold through Red Propeller Gallery and is the centrepiece of their next major art shindig, Urbanista, which opens on February 15.

The exhibition also features the work of other controversial artists, like Kate Marshall, Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo, Ian Francis and Phill Holmes, from Plymouth’s Projects gallery.

But don’t worry. Red Propeller won’t have to hang an entire house on their wall - the show will feature a reproduction of Banksy’s art, which is lucky, ain’t it?

Sealed bids and offers should be sent to Red Propeller Gallery by April 1 - which should be plenty of time to have a look down the back of the People’s Republic sofa for a spare £200,000.

Posted by Thin White Duke

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