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Innovate or die

January 29th, 2007

Media innovations? Why, us li’l ole things? Well, yes, and stop talking like Penelope Pitstop.

The has been shortlisted by Plymouth Media Partnership for its innovations award - huzzah! But what’s innovative about getting young bands together for an interview and live session with an audience, streaming it all and then pulling certain tracks for a podcast? Nuff said.

Hosted by Niki from AEON, these events in the back half of last year were legendary, so fair dos for the Plymouth Media Partnership for catching on to the zeitgeist (look it up).

But if you want innovation, tune in on February 9 for the first of the - an interview and session all filmed live at the Music Mill studios in Newton Abbot, and brought to you over internet telly by spectralworkshoptv.

But hey why stop there, let the podcasts, the telly and the other blurb just whet your appetite for real live music: March 18 is the AEON Sunday Chill at the Exeter Hub and April 11 is the Melting Pot live again at the Exeter Hub, followed by the Hot Bitches Party at the Lemon Grove on May 25. And all this just leads up the the AEON festival on August Bank Holiday weekend.

These people just can’t stop innovating.

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