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Muddy waters

January 30th, 2007

‘Would You Drink This?’ may sound like a game you’d play with your girlfriend after too many bottles of wine (erm, possibly), but it’s actually a new campaign from the lovely folk at WaterAid.

They’re asking citizens of the People’s Republic to send photos of water they definitely wouldn’t drink to WaterAid’s website.

There are already some famous(ish) faces in the gallery. See if you can spot Suggs, Charlie ‘Chutney’ Dimmock, Sean Hughes and Michael Eavis. Or don’t bother. See if we care.

But what the heck is it all about? Thassa good question. The campaign highlights the fact that over one billion people have to live without clean, safe water to drink.

In the UK, we simply turn on the tap, but for people living in some of the poorest countries in the world, the nearest water source is often unsafe and contains waste, excrement and water-related diseases.

So asking “Would You Drink This?” is sposed to make you think about what it’s like living without clean water. Dya see?

Anyway, the snaps will be displayed on the WaterAid website and will then form part of an exhibition which will tour the UK, raising awareness and urging the international community to prioritise water in the developing world.

To find out more and to send in your photos visit the Water Aid site.

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