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Roundup reloaded

December 22nd, 2006

There’s no Arthouse Roundup this week - apparently cinemas aren’t showing anything for a coupla weeks cos of a little thing they like to call Christmas.

Stupid oafs!

But the good news is the roundup will be back in the so-called new year on our sister site D+CFilm with a swanky new look. Well, it’ll still kinda look the same but it’ll be (slightly) more comprehensive. Oh, and you won’t have to endure our ill-informed attempts at humour anymore either. Yup, everyone’s literally a fuggen winner.

Still, we’re a bit perplexed as to what actually constitutes an ‘arthouse cinema’. Uncomfortable seats and laughing in a loud smug way during Woody Allen films is a given, but when the best yer local arthouse can offer is The Da Vinci Code, all bets are off.

So if you want your friendly neighbourhood arthouse or cinema club represented on the green and pleasant pages of D+CFilm, give us a shout (ie, send us an email) and we’ll see what we can do, which’ll probably be quite a lot cos we put these things together. You see?

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