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Eden and drinking (coffee)

August 23rd, 2006

Yesterday, we went to see gonk rockers at the lovely Eden ‘complex’. It was good but did we learn anything?

Here’s what we learnt:

1. The coffee at Eden was a snip at just £1 a cup. A hog-roast bap costed £3.50. We didn’t try any of their lager or anything cos we is total squares.

2. Helen Foundation winners were the first band on. There is a strong chance the guys may have heard a record by Dirty Pretty Things or Arctic Monkeys at some stage in their young lives. They did a song about teenage pregnancy and were very polished indeed (as your Mum used to say).

3. Ramalama roustabouts Nixon And The Burn were up next and were surprisingly ace (considering their crap band name and all).

4. Muse played a storming set to an indifferent reception from the Cornish ‘massive’, who were no doubt waiting for James Morrison to turn up.

5. Um-pah-pah anthem Invincible still sounded irredeemably gash, even in a live setting.

6. Especially when followed by an astounding rendition of Plug In Baby.

7. And New Born.

8. Standing on a wet, grassy slope for two hours is a real bitch on the ankles.

9. Some people could apparently only enjoy the show by watching it through their mobile phone. What kooks!

10. The Best Of Foreigner sounds particularly good when you’re driving back from a gig at midnight.

And that was all we learned - no more and no less.

Posted by Thin White Duke

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  • 1. Barrie Wood  |  August 30th, 2006 at 3:00 pm

    The Best of foreigner…ah the memories. Great blog and great links !

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